h.m.elliott coated racing bearings


Precision Product PerformanceCenter chose to partner with h.m. elliott because they stand behind their work by offering this guarantee:

Quality Assurance: Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%!

With racing and high performance engine applications quality and attention to detail are paramount. With this in mind we have a very detailed quality assurance program:

a) Each bearing is visually inspected before process and before packaging or shipping to the customer

b) Each bearing set is shipped with a Quality Assurance Form (filled out by the bearing inspector)

c) The Quality Assurance Report lists:

1) testing performed (Coating thickness and coating adhesion)
2) Coating batch #
3) Visual inspection notes (if needed)
4) Quality measured
5) Date & QA Inspector with a batch number to trace any problems


To order H.M. Elliott coated bearings, give PPPC a call today 1-800-421-9150


The motto
at h.m. elliott inc. is
"Do It Right The First Time"

You can be sure
that the quality is top-notch,
the prices are fair,
and they stand behind
their work 100%.